2018 Honda Civic Type R Debuts in Paris as a Prototype

After decades of waiting, it’s finally coming. We’re talking about the Honda Civic TYPE R, of course. After the most recent redesign in Europe ignited renewed hopes of a U.S. debut, our preferred automaker didn’t budge until it unveiled its plans for the 10th generation in 2015. Now, at long last, we’re getting our first look at the U.S.-bound model.

Although it bears the hatchback’s same basic shape, the prototype shown at the Paris Motor Show is decidedly more aggressively styled. The front fenders are flared, and there’s a giant swooping wing in the back to help with stability. Under the scooped hood sits a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that we’re told could make up to 340 horsepower (current models offer 306 ponies), making it a prime candidate to challenge current American hot hatches.

The production model of this as-of-yet unavailable vehicle will debut early 2017 at one of the major auto shows (our bet is Detroit). If you want to learn more about our current lineup of new Honda models, contact our Scranton, PA dealership at your convenience.

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