Kitty Litter, Sand, Or Salt: Which Is Best To Keep In Your Car This Winter?

If you live in Scranton, you know snow and ice is on its way. During winter, it's vital to be prepared for driving emergencies. People use kitty litter, salt, or sand when they need to gain tire traction. But which one is the best?

Kitty litter is made of clay, so it doesn't help melt ice. It can provide traction on ice or snow so it's okay to use if you have no other options. However, it absorbs water and becomes a slippery mush which is dangerous if you walk on it, so make sure you don't use it on steps or porches. If you use it, only use it during a driving emergency when you have no other options.

Sand can be a good option because it's easy to find and cheap. But like kitty litter, it doesn't melt ice. But it also doesn't turn into mush when exposed to liquid, so it's a little safer to use.

Salt (Sodium chloride rock salt) melts ice at temperatures higher than 12 degrees Fahrenheit, but it also dissolves in water. Did you know one pound of salt can melt over 40 pounds of ice? That explains why it's so hard to find in stores during winter.

We here at Matt Burne Honda believe that it's okay to use sand or salt, but kitty litter is too dangerous. You can use it if you're in a real bind, but it's only for putting under your tires.

Salt is the only one of the three that can actually melt ice. Sand won't melt ice but it can add traction, and it's cheap.

If you'd like to learn more about putting together a winter driving kit, come and visit Matt Burne Honda and we'll be glad to help.
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