There's a Crack in My Windshield! What Do I Do Next?

Without a doubt, the windshield is one of the most vulnerable places on a vehicle. It may get hit with tiny pebbles flying out from under other cars' tires. It gets hit with bugs. It takes a lot from the road daily. Sometimes, something larger hits it and may cause a crack.

Even the smallest crack in a windshield can lead to major visibility issues. Not only that but if the crack expands and creates more damage, it can become extremely dangerous to drive.

No matter how small it is; you need to make sure that you have any blemish in your windshield looked over by an automotive service professional.

So what should you do if your windshield has a crack in it?

Simply call our service center at Matt Burne Honda in Scranton, PA, and we would be more than happy to look at it and repair it. If it needs more than that, we would be glad to replace it with an entirely new windshield to help get your vehicle back to safety.

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