5 Pre-Road Trip Preparedness Tips

We all get excited when we’re planning a road trip. Not only are you about to leave work and the daily grind behind, you get to be with your family and loved ones to create lasting memories. With careful planning and preparedness, there can be much more enjoyment.

  1. Evaluate your emergency kit and update it accordingly.
  2. Consider taking along an extra battery, for your vehicle. A battery is one of the high-ranking repairs during a road trip.
  3. Complete a safety check of all turn signals, lights and wiper blades just before leaving.
  4. Assure that you have the vehicle registration and car insurance documentation up to date.
  5. Research your travel route ahead of time to determine any lane closures, or detours.
The number one pre-road trip preparedness, is a vehicle check-up. We can let you know if your vehicle is ready, for long distance travel!
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