Which Tires are Right for You?

Finding the right tires for your vehicle can be challenging. Three types of tires that you can explore include all-season, winter and summer tires. While there are differences to all three, there are benefits of all of them as well. All-season can deliver well-rounded, good performance; winter tires have an outstanding snow traction and fair braking ability on cleared roads; summer tires drive well and provide enhanced handling on wet or dry surfaces.

You may want to consider whether you need to stud your winter tires to improve grip and traction. Other factors to consider when choosing the type of tires to buy are tire speeding rating, original equipment tires or replacement tires, tire size, your vehicle trim levels, the price of the tires and whether they are passenger tires or light truck tires.

Visit Matt Burne Honda in Scranton, PA, for assistance with the right type of tires at affordable rates for your vehicle. We look forward to helping you get tires!

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