How Headlight Maintenance Can Prevent Accidents

Advancements in technology have added all kinds of improvements to the car manufacturing industry. However, one the one area that needs the most improvement has largely been ignored. Statistics show that approximately 2,500 people are killed crossing the street at night. The reason for this is that headlights are not functioning as well as they should.

In many cases they were not attached properly at the factory. Or, the manufacturer opted for style over safety. Many of the issues with outdated, and poorly functioning headlights can be fixed. All parts of your vehicle need routine maintenance and your headlights are no exception. Schedule an appointment with our service department and our expert technicians will be happy to test your headlights for maximum performance.

All of us at Matt Burne Honda here in Scranton want to help you keep you and family safe. Something as simple as routine headlight maintenance can do the trick.

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