Testing Your Car Battery Safely with a Voltmeter

In addition to a voltmeter, to test the car battery, you'll need a wire brush, work gloves, and safety eye-wear. Open the car hood and turn the engine off. Clean any corrosion off the battery terminals with the wire brush.

Place the red cable of the voltmeter to the positive battery terminal, then the black cable to the car battery's negative side. Turn the meter on, it should be at the 12.4 mark or better if the car battery has the ability to hold a charge still. When the reading is at or below the 12.2 mark, this could be an indication the battery can't crank over the car and has lost the ability to hold a charge. Take the black cable off the negative terminal first, followed by the red voltmeter cable.

Take your car to Matt Burne Honda, and our team will replace the battery if it can't hold a charge.



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