Is Your Car Is Running Hot? Let Us Take a Look

There are many aspects of your vehicle that keep it functioning and running well. One of these centers on the engines cooling and radiator system. Failure to properly maintain and service this important part of your vehicle can leave your car broken down and you stranded on the side of the road.

The purpose of your car's engine and radiator system is to circulate antifreeze/coolant to transfer heat away from the engine. If the system is not performing as it should, then your car's engine can heat to temperatures hot enough to damage and warp engine parts. If you notice pools of engine coolant underneath your vehicle or notice that your vehicle is running hotter than normal, then it's probably time to get it checked.

If your engine cooling and radiator system is functioning at less than optimal levels, then bring your vehicle to Matt Burne Honda. We are equipped to handle all of your maintenance needs.

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