Keep Your Battery Ready with Regular Service

One of the reasons that lead-acid batteries continue to dominate the automotive battery market is their ability to withstand very wide swings in temperature. Whether desert heat or arctic cold, a good performing car battery can be reliable for years of service in extreme conditions. However, when a battery begins to approach its end of life, the window of operating temperatures begins to narrow.

The chemical reactions taking place inside the cells of an automotive battery are mostly independent of temperature. However, as water is one of the primary ingredients in the lead-acid immersion mix, the freezing or overheating of water and water vapor can hinder the performance of an automotive battery to some degree. Usually, this slight performance degradation is not noticeable, but as the chemical reaction becomes less efficient, this degradation has a bigger and bigger impact.

The important thing to remember is that you can keep your battery in good operating condition by having it checked or maintained by the experts at Matt Burne Honda. You will leave with the confidence that your battery is ready for whatever conditions life may bring.



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