Why Knowing the Difference in Towing and Payload Matters

Both towing and payload are based on the strength of your truck's frame and its Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, but they aren't the same, despite what many truck owners think. Towing capacity is simply what your truck can pull, and payload is how much weight the truck can support inside. Simple, but do you really need that information? Yes. You do.

Here's the deal. If your truck has a towing capacity of 10,000 pounds, that doesn't mean it can carry that much. The payload may be less than half of that, and if you put more weight inside than the vehicle can handle, it could end with serious damage to the frame, bed and tires, as well as the chassis and suspension.

If you've confused payload and towing capacity, let Matt Burne Honda help you. We're in Scranton, PA and will happily service your vehicle.

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