Learn How to Debadge Your Vehicle

Give your car a unique look by removing one or more of the original badges. This is an easy modification that doesn't take long to complete, but there are some guidelines to follow to avoid damaging your car.

Check your car to see how the badges are attached. Most vehicles use adhesive for the badges, but some cars connect the badges to the vehicle with rivets or clips. If your badge is attached with adhesive, apply hot water to loosen the adhesive, and then use an adhesive remover to take off the glue. Next, use a hair dry to further remove the adhesive, and then you can begin to take off the badge using dental floss or a plastic wedge.

While this isn't too difficult of a modification to attempt, you can bring your car into Matt Burne Honda in Scranton and have a specialist remove your car's badge to save time and for peace of mind.



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