Essential Tailgating Tips

Get the most out of your truck this season by setting it up as the perfect tailgating vehicle. Just a few tips and tricks can help you enjoy this fun weekend pastime to the fullest.

Handy, convenient and portable recipes are the rule when you're tailgating. Serve your famous chili recipe in a scooped out bread bun for an edible container that cuts down on trash. You can also take a tip from the Southern states and serve up your chili in individual bags of corn chips, sprinkling toppings like cheese, onions, jalapenos or sour cream on top. Freeze water bottles to supplement your ice supply and let them melt for a drink that stays cold all day long. Keep a metal bucket on hand to store your barbecue coals when you're done grilling.

Bring your truck to Matt Burne Honda in Scranton to get it prepared for the season ahead. We'll keep things running smoothly and are on hand to answer any questions you may have about your truck's performance.



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