The Easy Way How to Make a Winter Survival Kit

Here are a few tips provided by Matt Burne Honda to help you to make a winter survival kit for your vehicle that will keep you and your passengers safer this season.

Be sure you have at least one flashlight and several new batteries in your winter survival kit. This will make it easier to make repairs in the dark or to flag down motorists when your car is disabled far off the road.

Pack some non-perishables like cookies, candy, peanut butter, raisins, and granola bars in your kit. These can help occupy those who are hungry as you wait for help to arrive.

One large blanket will go a long way in keeping passengers warm and fight off any risk of hypothermia.

Bring a bag with a large assortment of tools to make small repairs quickly so you can at least limp to the nearest service station for help with auto repairs.



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