Studless Winter Tires?

Are you having trouble driving in the snow and ice during the winter? If so, we have a solution for you. Here at Matt Burne Honda we recommend top of the line studless tires. Driving in inclement weather during the winter can be dangerous, but we can make it a lot safer.

Studless tires are tires that help you navigate smoothly during the harsh winter weather. These tires are equipped with designs to help you drive through the snow as if you were driving in the rain. Unlike studded tires, these tires are very harmless to the roads. They also get the job done in snowy and icy roads because of its new design. Most people have switched over to the studless approach because it's road friendly and has the same functions as the studded.

If you live in a state were studded tires are illegal but you still have bad winter weather, come out to Matt Burne Honda and well get you hooked up with a studless set.


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