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How Headlight Maintenance Can Prevent Accidents

Advancements in technology have added all kinds of improvements to the car manufacturing industry. However, one the one area that needs the most improvement has largely been ignored. Statistics show that approximately 2,500 people are killed crossing the street at night. The reason for this is that headlights are not functioning as well as they should.


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Get What You Want at a Low Price with a Used Car

If you have a very specific idea of what you are looking for in a vehicle but you also have a limited budget, it is important for you to figure out a way of getting what you want for less. When you buy a car used, you can get just what you are looking to get at a low price.


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How To Have A Happy Holiday Road Trip

You and your family may be starting to plan a holiday trip this upcoming season. Plenty of people take to the road to visit relatives. The majority are in a happy state of mind and anxious to see their relatives. However, experiencing trouble along the way might put a damper on their happy mood. Here are ideas on ways to keep your mood bright and cheery.

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Which Tires are Right for You?

Finding the right tires for your vehicle can be challenging. Three types of tires that you can explore include all-season, winter and summer tires. While there are differences to all three, there are benefits of all of them as well. All-season can deliver well-rounded, good performance; winter tires have an outstanding snow traction and fair braking ability on cleared roads; summer tires drive well and provide enhanced handling on wet or dry surfaces...

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Service Your Honda After Your Summer Vacation at Matt Burne Honda Service Center

Fall is settling in here in Scranton, PA, and with the kids back in school and winter on the way, right now is the perfect time to maintain your Honda with quality service from our team of experts at the Matt Burne Honda dealership. Summer driving takes a toll on your Honda, especially if you traveled on long-distance family road trips. Here is a quick rundown on how our service team can prepare your vehicle for the upcoming winter season.

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The 2018 Honda Odyssey: A Flexible Cabin for Your Family

The 2018 Honda Odyssey is a great minivan that delivers a lot of fantastic features. One of its best? Magic Slide seating.

The 2018 Honda Odyssey's second row seats can be moved and shifted around the cabin. If your passengers want to get closer, you can move their seats closer together. If they want more space, you can push their seats off to the sides. You can even pull the seats forward, bring them closer to the front so it's easier for the driver and front seat passenger to reach.

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How to Spot a Title-Washed Used Car

According to, Pennsylvania is one of the safest states from title-washed vehicles, but that doesn't mean it never happens here. About 1 in 1,200 used cars sold in PA has had its title washed.

What is title-washing, and why is it so dangerous?

Whenever a car has been declared a total loss due to extensive damage, or has been severely damaged by flooding—like Hurricane Harvey last week—it is issued a salvage or flood title to let all prospective buyers know the vehicle may have underlying damage, and may be unsafe.

Unethical sellers sometimes try…

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