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Reaching your destination safely with new tires

How much do you know about tire tread thickness and how that is related to the overall safety of your vehicle? It is quite related since the amount of tire tread thickness helps a truck or a car stay on the road when it is being driven. If a vehicle cannot stay on the road, then it runs the risk of causing an accident or stranding the driver.

Matt Burne Honda understands that you take your safety seriously and this is why we offer appointment booking in the greater Scranton area for concerned drivers that want to upgrade their tires…
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How Headlight Maintenance Can Prevent Accidents

Advancements in technology have added all kinds of improvements to the car manufacturing industry. However, one the one area that needs the most improvement has largely been ignored. Statistics show that approximately 2,500 people are killed crossing the street at night. The reason for this is that headlights are not functioning as well as they should.


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