Diverse and Handy: The 2018 Honda Fit

If you want a vehicle that is easy to navigate here in Scranton, PA, but you want one that can also give you versatile storage possibilities, the 2018 Honda Fit can help! The interior of the car offers the 2nd-Row Magic Seat® that can transform your seating four different ways to customize the cabin to your needs. You can adjust the 2nd-Row Magic Seat® to either the Tall, Refresh, Long or Utility Mode. If you ever have to transport small furniture, the Utility Mode can come in handy with its 52 cubic feet of space that it gives you...

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Memorable Trips May Be Ahead in the Convenient 2017 Honda Pilot

When you are traveling through Scranton, PA, would you like a vehicle that can make traveling more memorable? The 2017 Honda Pilot may do just that. There is an immense amount of features that are available to make your ventures illuminating. Entertainment amenities are one of the aspects that may leave you awestruck about the interior of this SUV. There is an available 9-inch Rear Entertainment System that will allow your passengers to conveniently put in the DVD or Blu-ray Disc™ of their choosing...

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Adventure is Ahead Inside of the 2018 Honda Odyssey

The exterior of the adventurous 2018 Honda Odyssey gets built with a dynamic and sleek front and a chiseled and angled grille. The trendy engineering also offers access to the interior of the vehicle easily. The available Power Sliding Doors make getting in and out of your vehicle a delight...

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Benefits of Car Washing Explained

Washing your car may not seem like the most exciting thing to do. It can be somewhat messy and a chore during the hotter months. However, it has many benefits that make it very worthwhile.
The most important thing is that it removes harmful surface deposits. Things like insect splatters, bird droppings, and even dirt regularly buildup on your car's exterior.
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5 Pre-Road Trip Preparedness Tips

We all get excited when we’re planning a road trip. Not only are you about to leave work and the daily grind behind, you get to be with your family and loved ones to create lasting memories. With careful planning and preparedness, there can be much more enjoyment.

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New Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, Electric and Plug-In Hybrid Midsize Sedan Offerings Coming to 2017 NYIAS

Each powertrain option's set to be, as a Honda March press release claims and an official teaser sketch explores, "wrapped in a sporty, spacious and comprehensively equipped five-passenger" format, and we at Matt Burne Honda can't wait to get a first look.

Therein, Honda showcases each Honda Clarity variant with a low, wide body, with unique "elegant and advanced" exterior styling elements coming together to suggest the automaker having a smooth ride and quiet aerodynamism in mind, seamless electric-drive torque, acceleration and handling experience surely to match. The...

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There's a Crack in My Windshield! What Do I Do Next?

Without a doubt, the windshield is one of the most vulnerable places on a vehicle. It may get hit with tiny pebbles flying out from under other cars' tires. It gets hit with bugs. It takes a lot from the road daily. Sometimes, something larger hits it and may cause a crack.

Even the smallest crack in a windshield can lead to major visibility issues. Not only that but if the crack expands and creates more damage, it can become extremely dangerous to drive.

No matter how small it is; you need to make sure that you have any blemish…

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Tire Service: Tire Rotation is a Key Factor

As a vehicle owner, you are probably aware that the tires will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. To further confirm this observation, there are a few signs you can use to see if your vehicle’s tires are in need of service. While getting the tires replaced will eventually need to be done, there are ways to lengthen the life of them in the meantime. One of the best things to do in order to maximize the life of your tires is to get them rotated. This is the process in which the tires are physically moved…

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