Motor Oil Myths and Facts

Over time, there have become some rumors that have been created. Many of these rumors began as a way to convince customers to bring their vehicle into a mom and pop oil change shop more frequently as a money maker. Our dealership prides itself of how honest we are with our customers and we want to make sure your vehicle is properly taken care of. Let's take a look at some common motor oil myths that you might not be aware of:

  • There are not different oil regulations and recommendations in different countries. If you are dealing with a…
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Get Superior Wiper Blades For The Winter

You should get the best out of your windshield wiper blades with the proper support against your windshield. When you have poor vision, it can cause you to become a liability to yourself, others motorist, or your own passengers. Unfortunately, not all blades were designed to fit every vehicle. You can find yourself squinting your eyes against the glare of oncoming traffic with a dirty windshield. Don't become a liability on the road by endangering yourself with poor visuals in the winter. Transfer your poor windshield wiper blades with one of many popular winter models. 
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Enjoy a Smoother Ride After a Vehicle Alignment

Is your vehicle pulling to one side while you are driving? Is there a vibration or some other type of back-and-forth movement in your steering wheel? If so, it may be time for an alignment of the vehicle's suspension system.

If the wheels are not aligned properly, your vehicle can become difficult to steer and control and make your ride less comfortable. The tires will not contact the road as efficiently and may trigger safety issues. The constant pulling to one side will cause the tires to wear unevenly, which will mean having to replace them sooner than expected…

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Signs of a Bad Exhaust System

There are many signs that your exhaust system may need to be repaired. For instance, if you notice a burning smell when you start the car, it could because one or more components of the exhaust system are not functioning properly. You may also smell gas if the exhaust pipe has a hole in it.

If the car is louder than normal, it could also signify issues with one or more components of an exhaust system. When the exhaust is not working correctly, you may notice that it is harder for your vehicle to accelerate. You may also notice that…

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Is Your Differential Malfunctioning?

Have you ever heard of a car that had an engine that would start perfectly, but the vehicle still wouldn't move? As your aware, your car is a complex piece of equipment, and, unfortunately, sometimes your engine will start just fine, but the vehicle still won't move. There are multiple potential components that might be malfunctioning, but one of them is the differential.

You've maybe heard of the differential. It's a gearbox that transfers the energy from your engine to the wheels of your vehicle. If your gearbox is malfunctioning, then your engine will start, but…

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Is Your Car Is Running Hot? Let Us Take a Look

There are many aspects of your vehicle that keep it functioning and running well. One of these centers on the engines cooling and radiator system. Failure to properly maintain and service this important part of your vehicle can leave your car broken down and you stranded on the side of the road.

The purpose of your car's engine and radiator system is to circulate antifreeze/coolant to transfer heat away from the engine. If the system is not performing as it should, then your car's engine can heat to temperatures hot enough to damage and warp engine parts…

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Reaching your destination safely with new tires

How much do you know about tire tread thickness and how that is related to the overall safety of your vehicle? It is quite related since the amount of tire tread thickness helps a truck or a car stay on the road when it is being driven. If a vehicle cannot stay on the road, then it runs the risk of causing an accident or stranding the driver.

Matt Burne Honda understands that you take your safety seriously and this is why we offer appointment booking in the greater Scranton area for concerned drivers that want to upgrade their tires…
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Kitty Litter, Sand, Or Salt: Which Is Best To Keep In Your Car This Winter?

If you live in Scranton, you know snow and ice is on its way. During winter, it's vital to be prepared for driving emergencies. People use kitty litter, salt, or sand when they need to gain tire traction. But which one is the best?

Kitty litter is made of clay, so it doesn't help melt ice. It can provide traction on ice or snow so it's okay to use if you have no other options. However, it absorbs water and becomes a slippery mush which is dangerous if you walk on it, so make sure you don…
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Why Is It Important to Maintain My Windshield Washer Fluid?

One reason that it is important to maintain your windshield washing fluid is so that in inclement weather conditions it is used to maintain a clear view of the road ahead. If you are in a muddy or foggy area where the windshield can get struck with debris, then not having enough fluid on the windshield can be very hazardous.

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Winter Wiper Blades Are Safe and Convenient

Visibility issues can make taking care of basic driving duties during the winter months seem practically unbearable. They can make wintertime driving a lot more dangerous as well. That's why it may be a wise decision to explore your options in winter wiper blades. Don't assume that standard wiper blades are sufficient to keep you safe and confident. They may not be the right option. Winter wiper blades can be more efficient during winter weather. They can offer you the ease of high-quality visibility. They can even reduce the possibility of windshield streaking...

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